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By improving Masonic education within your Lodge, you, personally, gain knowledge of the craft of Freemasonry and help to improve Masonic retention of your brethren.

These pages are offered to assist and help you learn basic lodge-level Freemasonry and hopefully to save you thousands of hours in your quest for Masonic knowledge.  You’re a busy person. You need the right process and the right tools to help you remove the barriers and mysteries of Freemasonry,... correctly applied in a simple, step-by-step, easy to learn manner.  This helps you learn Freemasonry basics in a few well-spent hours compared to many frustrating years.

Mission Statement of this Website is a simple one:  Masonic education builds Masonic retention. 

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You were introduced to the square and compasses very early in your Masonic career in fact they were among the first items discussed on your night of Initiation.  They are in evidence throughout all Lodge meetings, and it is therefore desirable that you should have a ready understanding of their Masonic significance.